LORTNATIONLadies of the Round Table Nation (LORTNation) is a live videocast in which the hosts encourage one another, as well as help further the goals, aspirations, and relationships of other gamers around the world. We produce content for everyone regardless of age, race and gender, but being ladies ourselves, we have a particular connection to the female gaming community. We use our love of Sci-Fi, Pop Culture, Geek, Nerd love to discuss the larger issues of ethical imperative, Educational Position of our gaming industry, Stereotyping, Ethnic representation.

We believe our show asks important questions that challenge the standards that developers consider when creating the games we love, and we also continually consider our gaming society in general.

We strive to inspire, empower and enhance the qualities of women so that we can travel the road of excellence in our professions, personal relationships and our communities together. We are sisters, wives, daughters, mothers, and we are also gamers–just like you.




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