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Movie Night - President's Day Get Out
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Jordan Peele and Universal Pictures offer fans free tickets to special Presidents’ Day screenings of four-time Academy Award®-nominated GET OUT at 55 AMC theatres nationwide.

SuperCon 2K Series Staff

Robyn aka “Sheba Baby”

Hey gamers, The Gaming Diva is here. As part of the SuperCon 2K Series I travel to many of the conventions so you will get the chance to see in rare form.


Chad has taken part in several key management areas including team building, marketing, and leadership. Effective leadership has more to do with one’s own values more..


I have been play video games for about 21 years now. I’ve played the Nintendo, PSOne, PC, Xbox, PS2, Xbox 360, Wii, WiiU, smartphone to tablet and many more.


Hello fellow gamers. My name is Tenchi. I’ve been working with Gregory “DancingFighterG” Richardson for a long time. I played fighting game, shooting games. My more..


What up gamers. I’m Gregory “DancingFighterG” Richardson I have been a competitive player since 2000 playing and winning in many events across the nation. My primary more..


Hey gamers this is Rpholliday, I have been gaming for 23 years. The first video game system I played was the Atari 2600 and ever more..


If gaming is your passion, I’d probably enjoy a conversation with you. We might debate on which fighters are actually made well or maybe which characters that should be nerfed!!


Hello everyone name is Manny . Just ur friendly neighborhood  Gamer! Spideyfan all the way. “Super Nintendo Sega Genesis” the good old days. I’m the more..


Hello, everyone! My name is Nuri. I’m new to gaming, but not to a good time; I love to see people smiling and having fun. I had the wonderful opportunity of traveling to Mississippi to volunteer for SuperCon2K in October, and it was a blast! The people I met were absolutely wonderful and the energy was fantastic. So, here I am. A new addition to the fam. I hope to expand my gaming knowledge and continue to meet great people while traveling from Con to Con with this group of gaming extraordinaire!


Hello, everyone! My name is Samantha, and I love seeing others happy and having fun. I’m currently the Tournament Director for Super Smash Bros. I am a senior in college working toward my degree in Business Management, as well as working at GameStop. Gaming is my passion, and I’ve been playing ever since I can remember. Currently I own and play most consoles and games, but I focus mainly on the Xbox One, 3ds, and Wii U. Hope to see some of you at the conventions.


Hello everyone, my name is Judith “judi” Bortier. I am a lover of physical games such as dancing games. Looking forward to dancing the convention away with more..

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Testimonials for SuperCon 2K Series:

  • "SuperCon 2K provided the inaugural festival of Orlandoix with a fantastic game tournament experience. They tournaments they hosted were a hit with our attendees, and included many fan favorites. Their level of enthusiasm, professionals, and can-do attitudes made working with their team a breeze. Would absolutely recommend, and hope to continue working with them at future events."
    Christa Rensel – Gaming Experience Manager for OrlandoIX
  • "The folks at SuperCon2K were great to work with and helped us put on a very complex event for over 500 college students."
    Avery Elizabeth Balano, M.A. – Assistant Director of Student Life – Events and Activities
  • "We have used the Supercon 2k Series program for the past several years and there is simply no comparable group that offers the same level of service. "
    Brad Daigle – Gaming Director for Mechacon
  • "SuperCon 2K Series delivered a gaming experience unlike anything ever presented at the annual Rivers and Spires Festival in Clarksville, Tennessee. CDE Lightband’s staff was excited to partner with such a passionate, professional, and dedicated SuperCon 2K Series team.  They made our Gig City Gaming event the talk of the festival and it is a tribute"
    Bradley Jackson / Christy Batts – CDE LightBand
  • "SuperCon 2K is the official video gaming organization of MegaCon.  We have found them to be extremely professional to work with.  The games provided are always very popular with our attendees and the staff they provide to run the games do a tremendous job.  We would highly recommend them to any show that wants to"
    Beth Widera – Convention Director for MegaCon
  • "Pensacola Comic Con has used SuperCon 2K Series for our video gaming needs since 2014, which was our inaugural convention. They have consistently provided an extensive lineup of games and gaming systems, friendly event staff, well organized competitions, and professional support leading up to the event every year. We are extremely pleased with our relationship"
    Jason – Vendor Director – Pensacon, LLC
  • "The of staff Erie Anime Experience rate SuperCon 2K Series as the best gaming provider we've ever had! Hands down the coolest group of gamers we've ever had the opportunity to work with."
    Pat – Gaming Director for Erie Anime Experience
  • "SuperCon 2K Series is well connected in the gaming industry. They are professionals and organize events drawing the gaming community together."
    Daniel Snyder – Westwood College, Campus President – Denver Market
  • "We launched our Effectve 8-12Hz neural gum with SuperCon 2K Series. It turned out to be the perfect decision. Using a combination of the custom social media software developed for us by Gamaroff Digital and  SuperCon 2K Series gaming events, we were able to cost effectively get our message in front of over 200,000 people"
    Jon Barron – CEO, Baseline Nutritionals

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