How to Improve Your Chances of Winning at New Slot Sites

Slot machines are sometimes called the one-armed bandits. This is because slots traditionally have some of the lowest payout percentages of any latest casino games in existence. But, despite the rumors otherwise, you can positively affect your chances of winning the slots.

Why It’s a Myth That Slots Are All the Same

Your payout percentages are not going to be the same from different machines. While the concept behind slot machines doesn’t change, the actual payout percentage can vary quite drastically from one machine to the next. Some might go just over the minimum requirements set by casino regulatory bodies, while others will reach the 85-90% range or some of them the 97%.

If you’re playing the same game on different slot sites, you will get a consistent payout percentage. But, if you play a different slot than you could get a vastly different payout percentage.

Improving Your Slots Payout Percentages

So, how can you make sure you’re getting the best payout possible while you’re playing on the slots? Here are a few tips to help guide you:

  1. Simple, plain games usually have higher payouts
  2. There’s a logical reason behind this. Many of the flashy video slots with all the extra graphics and extras take longer to play each round. In order to make up for you playing fewer rounds per hour, the fancier games have lower payout percentages so you won’t win as much or as often.

  3. Lower, constant jackpot games pay out more than progressive jackpots
  4. Progressive jackpots are attractive because the amounts can become so large, but in reality you have a lower chance of winning that jackpot than you do of winning a constant jackpot game.

  5. Games with higher denominations usually offer larger payouts
  6. If a game offers you options to pay more per spin, it will usually have a higher payout percentage than games with low value spins.