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SuperCon 2K Series and Pensacon are teaming up for the 5th annual Pensacon 2018. Come experience the best gaming in the nation as SuperCon 2K Series brings the gaming goodness to Pensacon 2018.


SuperCon 2K Series offers a variety of guest from the world of video gaming, cosplay, voice acting and social media and more. Each guest brings a unique skill set that can complete any programming for any convention / event across the nation.

Below is a list of all guest that you can potentially see at a SuperCon 2K Series event. As a convention or event you have the ability to schedule these guest to appear at your next event through the Guest Service that the SuperCon 2K Series program provides. If you are looking to book at guest please send in inquiry here


  • Cerece Rennie Murphy
    Known for:

    Cerece Rennie Murphy fell in love with science fiction at the age of seven, watching “Empire Strikes Back” at the Uptown Theater in Washington, D.C., with her sister and mom.

  • Genese Davis
    Known for:

    Genese Davis is an American author, host, columnist and media personality.


  • Alana Evans
    Known for:

    Alana Evans, radio host, gamer, and former actress is the founder of

  • Jennifer Kairis
    Known for:

    Introducing Jennifer Kairis, a geeky girl all grown up who loves to cosplay

  • YuffieBunny
    Known for:

    YuffieBunny is a professional costumer, clothing designer, model, and cosplayer with over 13 years of experience and a background in both fashion and graphic design.


  • Dr. Andrea Letamendi
    Known for:

    Dr. Andrea Letamendi holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and currently serves as an educator, speaker, and advocate of mental health awareness.

  • Francesca Catalano
    Known for:

    Francesca Catalano holds an advanced degree in law and a terminal degree in molecular biology, and is a professor of science and faculty administrator at American Public University System.

  • Suzanne Freyjadis
    Known for:

    Suzanne Freyjadis is an international speaker, writer and consultant on video games and digital education.

Film Actor:

  • Alana Evans
    Known for:

    Alana Evans, radio host, gamer, and former actress is the founder of

  • Cas Anvar
    Known for:

    Cas Anvar is an award-winning actor. Born in Regina, Saskatchewan and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Anvar’s professional career began upon graduating from Canada’s prestigious National Theatre School.

  • Elias Toufexis
    Known for:

    Elias has held recurring roles on SyFy’s Bitten, Syfy’s Ascension, ABC’s Zero Hour, SYFY’s Alphas, CTV’s The Listener and much more

Industry Specialist:

  • 6WX
    Known for:

    Call me 6WX. I’m a top-level Smash 4 Wii U Sonic main now playing for Circa eSports.  I am in my senior year studying mathematics more..

  • Aaron Pollack
    Known for:

    Aaron Pollack is the co-creator of the Primal Carnage video game brand, the dinosaur vs human title launched in 2013.

  • Alana Evans
    Known for:

    Alana Evans, radio host, gamer, and former actress is the founder of

  • Ally
    Known for:

    Elliot “Ally” Bastien Carroza-Oyarce is a professional Super Smash Bros 4 and Brawl player who is known by his gamertag Ally. He has been widely more..

  • ATG
    Known for:

    A Louisiana based Esports group dedicated to providing high quality regional events for Super Smash Bros and other popular fighting games.

  • Dondi Wittich
    Known for:

    Dondi is the founder and director of the Isle, a dinosaur survival game currently in Steam’s Early Access program. A disgruntled gamer turned developer, his more..

  • Geoff Mendicino
    Known for:

    Geoff “The Hero” Mendicino is an energetic fighting game personality by day, and a video game developer by night.

  • Gregory Richardson
    Known for:

    Gregory Richardson is owner of the SuperCon 2K Series and the National Alliance of Gamers. His roots in gaming comes from competing in the FGC more..

  • Kate Edwards
    Known for:

    Kate Edwards is the executive director of the International Game Developers Association.

  • Victoria Cooke
    Known for:

    Victoria joined the Houston Asian American & Pacific Islander Film Festival marketing team as an intern in July 2014 and became Marketing Director in October 2015.

  • Yvonna Lynn
    Known for:

    Yvonna Lynn is proud to be on the Board for the IGDA Dallas chapter, Board of Operation Supply Drop, and Board of Ladies of the Round Table.

Multi-Media Personality:

  • Alana Evans
    Known for:

    Alana Evans, radio host, gamer, and former actress is the founder of

  • CiJi Thornton
    Known for:

    Known in the gaming world as “StarSlay3r,” Ciji Thornton is mainly recognized for her top placements as a Guitar Hero player.

  • Hollyanne Setola
    Known for:

    At the age of 7 years old Hollyanne first played on her Super Nintendo and began to fall in love with gaming.

  • Jamie Boradnax
    Known for:

    Jamie Broadnax is the writer and creator of the niche blogsite for nerdy women of color called Black Girl Nerds.

  • Justin Wong
    Known for:

    Justin Wong is a professional video game player from the United States. He specializes in 2D arcade fighting games based around Capcom.

  • Patrick Scott Patterson
    Known for:

    Playing video games since 1981, Scott has become the go-to guy for commentary on video game history, demographics and controversial topics.

  • Rachel Lara
    Known for:

    Rachel Lara stars as the beautiful siren in Lionsgate Entertainment’s 2014 movie thriller “KILLER HOLIDAY”.

  • Satine Phoenix
    Known for:

    Satine is an all around Creative Human known as a Lvl 15 illustrator, Lvl 10 Entertainer, Gym Fox and more

Voice Actor:

  • Danielle McRae
    Known for:

    Danielle McRae is a voice actress for anime and video games.

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Testimonials for SuperCon 2K Series:

  • "SuperCon 2K provided the inaugural festival of Orlandoix with a fantastic game tournament experience. They tournaments they hosted were a hit with our attendees, and included many fan favorites. Their level of enthusiasm, professionals, and can-do attitudes made working with their team a breeze. Would absolutely recommend, and hope to continue working with them at future events."
    Christa Rensel – Gaming Experience Manager for OrlandoIX
  • "The folks at SuperCon2K were great to work with and helped us put on a very complex event for over 500 college students."
    Avery Elizabeth Balano, M.A. – Assistant Director of Student Life – Events and Activities
  • "We have used the Supercon 2k Series program for the past several years and there is simply no comparable group that offers the same level of service. "
    Brad Daigle – Gaming Director for Mechacon
  • "SuperCon 2K Series delivered a gaming experience unlike anything ever presented at the annual Rivers and Spires Festival in Clarksville, Tennessee. CDE Lightband’s staff was excited to partner with such a passionate, professional, and dedicated SuperCon 2K Series team.  They made our Gig City Gaming event the talk of the festival and it is a tribute"
    Bradley Jackson / Christy Batts – CDE LightBand
  • "SuperCon 2K is the official video gaming organization of MegaCon.  We have found them to be extremely professional to work with.  The games provided are always very popular with our attendees and the staff they provide to run the games do a tremendous job.  We would highly recommend them to any show that wants to"
    Beth Widera – Convention Director for MegaCon
  • "Pensacola Comic Con has used SuperCon 2K Series for our video gaming needs since 2014, which was our inaugural convention. They have consistently provided an extensive lineup of games and gaming systems, friendly event staff, well organized competitions, and professional support leading up to the event every year. We are extremely pleased with our relationship"
    Jason – Vendor Director – Pensacon, LLC
  • "The of staff Erie Anime Experience rate SuperCon 2K Series as the best gaming provider we've ever had! Hands down the coolest group of gamers we've ever had the opportunity to work with."
    Pat – Gaming Director for Erie Anime Experience
  • "SuperCon 2K Series is well connected in the gaming industry. They are professionals and organize events drawing the gaming community together."
    Daniel Snyder – Westwood College, Campus President – Denver Market
  • "We launched our Effectve 8-12Hz neural gum with SuperCon 2K Series. It turned out to be the perfect decision. Using a combination of the custom social media software developed for us by Gamaroff Digital and  SuperCon 2K Series gaming events, we were able to cost effectively get our message in front of over 200,000 people"
    Jon Barron – CEO, Baseline Nutritionals

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