About SuperCon 2K Series

The SuperCon 2K Series is the place to be for all gamers to explore all the aspects of the video gaming industry and beyond. Developed and supported by the National Video Game Association (NVGA), Alienware, LORTNATION, FRAGGEDNATION and VIBRAS FIVE.ONE, the series travels to anime, sci-fi, comicbook, gaming conventions, festivals and private events across the nation providing a home for gamers to meet other gamers, make new friends, play casual games, learn about the gaming industry and see what other aspects of influence gaming. We serve as a partner to extend the marketing, programming and revenue development of conventions and/or events across the nation by bringing a digital gaming playground for all attendees and sponsors to enjoy.

Our philosophy is that EVERYONE IS GAMER, the SuperCon 2K Series can be seen at variety of conventions and events that have some tie-in or cross-over into the video game industry. Don’t miss the opportunity, fun, memories, networking, prizes, education, bragging rights, and/or the chance to make an impression for you across the nation

Education of the Gamer

As part of the program’s goal to education and inform all individuals across the nation on the gaming industry itself we provide continues educational opportunities throughout the year. Examples of this would be:

  • Providing panels and workshops from experience gaming and pop culture industry experts at events and conventions
  • Motivational speaking at events and conventions
  • Internship opportunities for high school and college students

All these efforts enforce what we believe is essential resources that all people need to have access too. We believe that having the ability to learn from those have been successful is key to educating all

Supporting Non-Profit Efforts

We support a variety of non-profit organizations as a means to provide more educational opportunities to the younger demographic around the nation. This allows our ever growing network to give back to the younger generation and provide them with opportunities that they would not normally have. Here is a list of non-profit organizations that we support:

  • Boys and Girls Club (Vickers)
  • Big Brother Big Sister
  • Toys for Tots
  • STEM Scholarship Foundation

We work these organization to provide scholarships, mentoring, programming, donations and much more as part of commitment to educating the younger generation