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SuperCon 2K Series at Rivers and Spires GigCity Gaming
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SuperCon 2K Series and CDE LightBand is teaming up to provide the ultimate gaming experience with the SuperCon 2K Series heading to the wonderful city of Clarksville to bring GigCity Gaming to the Rivers and Spires Festival.

SuperCon 2K Series Featured Videos:

  1. Pharrell Williams – Happy (ANIMELAND WASABI 2014 IS ALSO HAPPY)
  2. Animeland Wasabi 2014 Teaser
  3. EDGE: PlayStation 4 Midnight Release Party with Best Buy
  4. EDGE: Xbox One Midnight Release Party
  5. EDGE: Showcasing the PS4 and Xbox One
  6. CutthroatCon Aftermath 2013
  7. EDGE: 20 Questions
  8. EDGE: In Depth into CutthroatCon 2013
  9. Fighter Frenzy Campus Tour – RMCAD Aftermath
  10. EDGE: CutthroatCon Edition
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